SCOTUS, Homosexuality, and the Bible in Summary

A few weeks ago, the US Supreme Court ruled that homosexuals have the constitutional right to marry in their pursuit of happiness. Really, this was nothing more than discouraging confirmation for what we already knew to be true about America. It is case positive that God has abandoned us as a nation. How do we know that? As we saw in my response, “America: A Religion of Lies (Part 1),” the pursuit of wickedness inevitably results in new form, and manifested in three ways. First, God gives men over to the pursuit of fleshly, impure lust, committing themselves not to worship of God, but to self-worship and self-indulgence (Rom. 1:24-25). We’ve seen that. Then, God gives men over to rank biological contradiction and design, as men and women give themselves over to homosexuality in a gross perversion of the creative order (1:26-27). We’ve seen that too. And finally, in the last step of judicial abandonment, God gives men over to a “depraved mind” (1:28-32). Literally, that means a mind that is “worthless,” “illogical,” and “useless.” Certainly it is one thing to be evil. It is another entirely to promote it (1:32). And we see that too. That is the last step. The verdict has been rendered. “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil” (Isa. 5:20)! But that’s just what we’ve done… in the highest court of our land—SCOTUS, and in the highest office of our land—the White House.

So just what does that look like? What is the nature of our country’s perversion, having overturned homosexuality in particular, into a moral good? Is the Bible really that clear about the nature of homosexuality as we once thought? Is the Bible’s objection to it based on a societal disdain for the act, making in subjective to the culture? We hear those objections, but they are not true. We saw in that first message that homosexuality is a sin – and we need to call it that (1 Cor. 6:9-10). Not only that, but it was called a sin so wicked that it was deserving of capital punishment under OT Law in a context in the OT where homosexuality was pervasive and acceptable (cf. Gen. 18-19:11) (and by the way, it was pervasive and acceptable in the context of the NT too). But what about the whole “orientation” argument? How can we expect someone to control something they were born with? I can’t control my race, so how can I control my orientation?

Unless, the Bible speaks against orientation too, contradicting the lie told by psychiatrists just to advance the homosexual agenda. That’s where we picked up in my second message, “Part 2.” God’s Word is abundantly clear about the sinfulness of the orientation. “Men abandoned what was natural,” and burned in their “desire” (Rom. 1:27). This is the only time this word is ever used in the NT, and it’s used to emphasize the reality that homosexuality – the desire of it, and the abandonment of heterosexual attraction is a decision (though not to say it was a singular decision). That’s why Deuteronomy 22:5 says, “A woman shall not wear man’s clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman’s clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to God.” Why? Because it’s a biological contradiction. It’s nonsense. It is not a reflection of who you “really” are and it’s abominable in the eyes of God. But hasn’t science proven time and again that people are born this way, thus leading to the orientation? It has not. What “science” has actually done, was deliberately and unashamedly suppress any research that has shown that orientation is changeable – because if it can be shown that orientation is changeable, then it means that person is in control of his/her orientation!

So, as a church, what do we do about this? It’s very simple. Don’t get distracted by homosexuality, gay marriage, or the celebrate of transgenderism. The Gospel is the only solution and that’s the real battle. We can make someone look good and conform to our Christian worldview on the outside, but they are equally condemned if they haven’t put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. So that’s what we do. We don’t get all tangled up in the debate, but we seek to convict lost souls with the only thing that can bring genuine faith and repentance!

Now, there has been a lot written on the subject over the last few weeks… an overwhelming amount actually, and many of you expressed the desire to to read more than what I had to say in those two messages. I want to make that easy for you, and point you several articles that I found the most helpful during my own study so you can take the time to read them carefully, digesting what they have to say. There is little doubt that much of what I had to say was hard. These articles will explain to you more fully and adequately what I didn’t develop further.

Christian Parenting and Homosexuality – The Master’s Seminary Journal (2008)
Rick Holland was formerly the administrative pastor at Grace Community Church and oversees the D.Min. program at The Master’s Seminary. This article writes from a uniquely pastoral perspective and is extremely helpful. As the title suggests, Holland shows how we can effectively train our children to be faithful in a society where acceptance of homosexuality is normative. These unique challenges must be addressed through the right application of biblical principles. Every parent should understand the eleven goals of faithful Christian parenting. You cannot be neglectful in any of these principles.

Cultural and Medical Myths About Homosexuality – The Master’s Seminary Journal (2008)
This article is extremely helpful from a biblical and scientific perspective. It evaluates the theories and research presented by the American Psychiatric Association used to support the “orientation myth” and that homosexuals are “born that way.” Their own research actually proves them wrong, but they aren’t actually interested in what is or what isn’t true. The APA also contends that it is impossible to change your orientation. Is that true, or again, does their own research suggest otherwise? And finally, the article evaluates what homosexuality has actually contributed to our society. This is an incredibly revealing read.

The Church’s Response to Homosexuality – The Master’s Seminary Journal (2008)
The church has been neglectful in its many responsibilities as the people of God toward the lost world and it’s corrupt system. In many ways, we have even compromised. So, what are we supposed to do in response to the SCOTUS ruling? First, expose the wickedness of homosexuality. Second, it must share the grace and forgiveness available to the homosexual. Third (and this one might surprise you), the church must be committed to the expulsion of homosexuals from the body. And fourth, we must fight against the homosexual movement in our society at large.

God’s Word on Homosexuality: The Truth About Sin and the Reality of Forgiveness – The Master’s Seminary Journal (2008)
This is a more general approach to the homosexual movement at large. It is very helpful, however, because it explains the nature of love from a biblical perspective, and how biblical love is entirely contradictory to a homosexual lifestyle. Furthermore, it also evaluates whether or not God’s Word is really that clear about homosexuality. Though many contend it is not, the Bible is abundantly clear that it is wicked and absolutely disdainful in God’s eyes.

Protecting Your Church From SSM Lawsuits – The Cripplegate Blog
Jesse Johnson was formerly the outreach pastor at Grace Community Church and now serves as Pastor-Teacher at Immanuel Bible Church in D.C. This might be an odd article to post here, but it is extremely helpful nonetheless. Over the coming weeks our elders will be reviewing our own constitution and by-laws in response to this issue. We bear the responsibility for lawsuits made against our church, and we don’t want that to happen simply because we are being neglectful. It will be helpful for you to understand the importance of these things, and you can also read this article from the perspective of, “Where can I help with this?”

Anchoring in God’s Word: Thoughts on the Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Ruling – The Cripplegate Blog
There have been many emotions by Christians in response to the SCOTUS ruling. Many words have been expressed, and we’re still wrestling with keeping all this in perspective. This article helps us remember eight vital truths as believers in Christ. These truths will be a tremendous blessing and a note of encouragement to you. Incidentally, it also reveals why we should know our Bibles well, for the very reason that we do respond with the right perspective to hard situations. Interestingly enough, this article does much the same, and I’d encourage you to read it too. It reveals why our theology matters. Clint Archer is an engaging writer, but he is also from South Africa. That makes his perspective on America a uniquely insightful one.

The Christian’s Response to the World Doing What the World Does – The Cripplegate Blog
Make this a priority read. Where The Church’s Response to Homosexuality evaluates what we do corporately, this article evaluates what we are called to do individually. I fear many of us (myself included) have failed miserably in this respect. We are not called to hide from, nor shun the world, but to be a light to them. Evangelism is the duty of every single Christian – and none of us have an excuse for not doing it! It is the Gospel that the homosexual needs, and it is only the Gospel that has the power to transform the heart of the unbeliever.

40 Questions for Christians Now Waving Rainbow Flags – The Gospel Coalition
Kevin DeYoung is helpfully insightful – and biblical. Undoubtedly you were surprised to see many who you thought were relatively solid Christians, subscribe to the same sex marriage “victory” attitude. But they are wrong, and if you have those friends, these questions help reveal that they cannot be both committed to the Bible (or God) and the homosexual lifestyle.

4 Reasons “Gay Pride” Makes Sense – Glory Books
Have you considered that the “Gay Pride” banner cry actually makes biblical sense? Pride represents the epitome of rebellion and the pursuit of self-destruction. It is the ultimate rejection of God and indicative of self-idolatry. So, of course the LGBT is proud of their rebellious movement, and it also explains why they are so hostile against any who would oppose their sinful behavior.

The Myth of the Carnal Christian – Glory Books
This article isn’t addressing homosexuality directly, but takes a hard look at the church’s “carnal Christian” mentality, which puts “Christians” into two classes: those who live like they’re Christians, and those who don’t. Therefore, it’s helpful to the issue at hand when conversing with someone to claims to be a Christian, and yet is living a sinful and/or homosexual lifestyle.

Why the Gay Marriage Debate Was Over in 1950 – Ancient Faith
This article came to me by somewhat a surprise, and I found it incredibly insightful and helpful. We have been shocked by what seems to have been such a rapid moral decline in America. The truth of the matter is, we had already set ourselves on the collision course and the result was inevitable. It was not nearly as rapid as we think, but it was the result of slow compromise that influence our society and the church, away from biblical principles and toward humanistic philosophy, brought by the adaptation of secular psychotherapy.

An Embarrassing Week for Christians Sharing Fake News
It is fitting to end with this article. Don’t believe everything you read. You may have seen the head-lines, “Pastor Arrested for Refusing Same-Sex Marriage,” or about a lawsuit against Zondervan for publishing Bibles that present homosexuality negatively. Christians everywhere were posting the articles all over social media in response, linking to the articles. In fact, that’s how I discovered them myself! And… they were presented as if they happened right after the recent SCOTUS ruling. It was funny though, as I looked at the original article about the Zondervan lawsuit, I noticed it was several years old… strange for “recent news.” As it turned out, the articles were frauds and were just trying to stir up controversy. This article points out that this is case in point why we can’t believe everything we read on the internet. As Christians, foremost of all, we should be the most concerned with representing truth fairly, and accurately. Don’t add fuel to the fire by gossiping, and cultivate discernment that doesn’t accept anything as true except after close scrutiny. Remember, most blogs make money by adding advertisements to their web page. And they can make a LOT of money if they generate a lot of traffic. The more controversial, the more traffic they get – which means they may not always represent information correctly if they know they can get a lot of website hits by distorting data.

Is Homosexuality Worse Than Other Sins?
This article wasn’t posted until just today, but it is without question worth your every minute. It addresses homosexuality as the title suggests. Is it worse than other sins? In the sense that every sin renders us condemned, no. But is it more heinous in God’s eyes? Absolutely. But rejection of His truth is an even greater sin. This article explains why that is, and also admonishes us. “Christians have often twisted Romans 1 and view homosexual sinners as dirty, not worthy of our love and compassion.” Well, you weren’t worthy of God’s love and compassion either.

Again, I would encourage you to take your time reading through these articles over the next few weeks. Some of them are a bit longer and more technical, but most are comparatively brief. They will all, however, help you think through the issue of homosexuality more biblically.

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Matt Tarr is the pastor-teacher of High Point Baptist Church in Larksville, PA. He is a graduate of The Master’s Seminary and the Grace Advance Academy, and has formerly served in the Scranton Rescue Mission as well as in the Pastoral Care and Counseling Department at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA. He is also a contributor and editor for Matt has passion for accurately handling the Word of God, discipleship, evangelism, and encouraging others to honor Christ by their Christian living. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, Melody, and his two sons, Jonathan and Timothy.

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